This is a great cool-season member of the Brassica family that hits its peak from November-March although in northern climates you'll find it in mid-summer as well.  It goes well in vegetable soups, but very fresh kohlrabi can also be eaten raw (similar to a radish in flavor, zingy!)  The leaves can be prepared as you would turnip greens.  For more information, please see our blog post on kohlrabi!


Kohlrabi, as fresh as you can get it, preferably with small stems (the smaller ones don't necessarily have to be peeled before eating).  


Wash the kohlrabi (both stems and leaves, if you plan to use the leaves).  Using kitchen scissors, snip off the leafy green parts. Then (carefully!) use the vegetable peeler to remove the outer layer of the bulb-like stem.  Watch your fingers, since working with round objects and vegetable peelers can be hazardous to your fingers' health!  Slice off a bit of the top (see gallery, below) and then chop into bite-sized pieces (if using for soup), or grate (for salads and coleslaws.)