Historic Garden Tour: The Colonial Garden & Nursery
          Williamsburg, Virginia          
May 2017

This beautiful garden, just across the Duke of Gloucester Street from historic Bruton Parish Church, has a mix of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. You can see a nice map of this and other gardens of Williamsburg by clicking here--it is number nine on the map.  When the garden is open, which is seven days a week from 9 AM-5 PM, gardeners in period costume are on hand to answer all your colonial gardening questions.  A little garden shop, the colonial answer to Lowe's, has a nice selection of heirloom seeds, gardening books, potted plants, and more. 

(Please click on any of the photos below to scroll through in a larger size)

From the top: a view of Bruton Parish Church from the garden; exuberant display of spring flowers; long scarlet radishes and mixed carrots with a companion planting of cheerful johnny jump ups; spring lettuce with discarded bee skeps in the background; an example of the low woven fences of twigs in the garden; raised beds with spring onions and some vegetable in the foreground that I don't recognize; beds of gorgeous purple-blue flowers lining oyster-shell paths; and a reproduction lady's fan from the garden shop with the wise maxim, "Prudence Produceth Esteem."  Doth it?  I do believe so.