Frequently Asked Questions

Your website displays ads (and sometimes plays audio content) when I hit the green "Print Friendly" button.  Why?

We use to enable the printing of our recipes by those who wish to do so.  Once the ‘print’ request is activated by clicking on the green print icon, the instruction to print is sent to the servers. sets cookies to monitor use of this service. While printing the recipe, users may also see banner ads, or hear audio content, over which we have no control. Should you want to check out the privacy policy then you can do so by visiting the following:


What is your policy on recipe adaptation?

Recipes are wonderful things, and we all like to share them.  However, with the boom in food blogging (which is exciting, by the way), not everyone is ethical about giving credit where credit is due.  Our Terms and Conditions state:

"Recipes themselves (i.e., the ingredients list) are not subject to copyright.  However, our cooking directions, notes, and photography associated with the recipes ARE.  Kindly write up your own directions, and take your own photographs, should you choose to adapt one of the recipes listed on  for your own use.  It is always considered appropriate (among food bloggers) for an attribution to be as made, such as: 'this recipe was adapted from'"