This yummy breakfast sandwich also works for lunch, or even dinner in a pinch.  You can also try as many variations on this theme as you want to: egg and Canadian bacon, egg and sautéed spinach, etc.  

Makes: 2 breakfast sandwiches


2 English muffins
3 free-range organic eggs
Dash of salt and black pepper
Unsalted butter
2 slices cooked Canadian bacon
Slices of cheese (whatever kind you feel like!)


In a bowl, beat eggs, salt and pepper with a fork, until the mixture is a nice smooth yellow color and all the whites and yolks are combined.  Melt butter in a medium-sized skillet over medium heat.  While you're waiting for the butter to melt, slice English muffins in half and place in a toaster oven, topped with ham and cheese slices (please see photo gallery, below).  Toast for as long as it takes the cheese to get nice and melty, about 2-3 minutes.

Now pour the egg mixture into the buttered skillet (I'm using a cast iron one from Lodge here).  Cook over medium-low heat until the eggs have set up on the bottom, as if you're making an omelette. Then use a spatula to cut the "omelette" in half, and flip over each half so the "up" side can cook through. (If you break the halves when flipping them over, that's okay! They will still taste fine in the sandwiches.)  

Once the other side is fully cooked (please click here for more on safely cooking eggs), fold each half in half again, and place on top of the "ham" side of the breakfast sandwich.  Top off with the "cheese" side, and you're done.