New Recipe: Meaty Ragù

Dear Readers, 

I guess it's a little bit repetitive to call this recipe "Meaty Ragù" since all proper Italian ragù recipes contain meat anyway.  To confuse you even further, there's also a French-style dish called a "ragout" (you can click here to read an interesting article on the difference between the two).   

Whatever the case, this hearty ragù recipe is one of my favorites.  I've been cooking it most weeks for the past 6 years, making changes here and there as I go along.  The only time it has let me down was when I used a very low-fat ground beef (like 95% lean), with tough and chewy results.  I'd recommend using 85% lean ground beef for this recipe, and then using a paper towel to mop up some of the grease if your doctor has warned you off saturated fats.  This sauce really doesn't come together right without the proper fat content.  

Please click here for my recipe for Meaty Ragù! 

Yours Truly,