New Recipe: Friday Night Pot Roast

Dear Readers,

(As an aside, I don't think it's really a good idea to photograph some dishes.  There is simply no way to make them look remotely seductive: pot roast, for example.  Unlike seduction, however, which leaves you feeling hungry and irritable, pot roast satisfies.  A good pot roast is worth a thousand words, and this one turns out so tender you can eat it with a spoon.)

It's Friday night and hot as heck here in Virginia, and despite all odds I was craving a good pot roast.  Ergo, we have Friday Night Pot Roast on a hot summer's night.  It at least takes care of dinner for the rest of the weekend (in the form of leftovers), if you really can't bear to be in the kitchen during the summer.  

But seriously, y'all.  What else is the air conditioning for but our comfort as we slave away over the hot stove?  We are so inordinately lucky these days, far, far away from the 1800s (and earlier) days of cooking on wood-fired ovens, in kitchens sans A/C.  In the South.  I just can't quite imagine.

Pot roast is really fairly easy to make, and the best thing about this recipe is that it doesn't have to go all day in the oven: 3 hours or so of cooking once you've spent about 40 minutes prepping, and you've got dinner.  Start with a good boneless chuck roast that's been pastured on grass and humanely-raised, and open a bottle of good red wine (I'm liking the 2015 DaVinci Chianti from Italy, which the label describes as "crimson red with intense aromas of ripe fruit and flavors of fresh strawberry and plum") to go with, letting it breathe in the wine glasses for 20 minutes before dinner, and you're all set.  A good beer would almost be better with it, on second thought, or possibly even a glass of whole milk.  Something hefty.

Please click here for the recipe for Friday Night Pot Roast!

Yours Truly,