From The Archives: Chicken Feet (Eeeeek!!)

Dear Readers,

I have a freezer full of chicken feet and backs that have been patiently waiting to be simmered into stock for a few months now.  They're from Full Quiver Farm in Suffolk, Virginia. It's a beautiful little farm in the Virginia countryside, with friendly chickens wandering around to greet us when we visited in March 2017.  I think (I hope) that the little guys shown below were pets, as they were wandering around the barnyard, while the egg-layers and meat chickens seemed to be penned up out in the field.  

  "My feet?  What about my feet??"

"My feet?  What about my feet??"

If you're new to cooking with chicken bought from the farm or farmers market, it usually isn't packaged quite as conveniently as what you'd buy at the store: you'll often find yourself facing down a whole frozen chicken, or bits of it you've never seen in the store in your life (chicken feet, I'm looking at you).  Here are a few simple recipes to get you started with chicken feet, and with making chicken stock from scratch--it's so good, you can drink it out of a glass warm, and I often do when I'm sick with a cold or something.  (As an aside, I don't have a recipe for homemade chicken soup on the site only because every single time I make it, the chicken turns out tough as shoe leather.  So, I'm ironing that cooking glitch out before I return my chicken soup recipe to the internet.  You can use the chicken stock below as a base for chicken soup and many other delicious soup recipes.)


Prepping Chicken Feet For Stock

Homemade Chicken Stock


Nourishing Broth: An Old-Fashioned Remedy For The Modern World (Sally Fallon Morrell, 2014)

Nourishing Traditions (Sally Fallon, 2001)


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