Moving Cats (In Style)

Dear Readers, 

It's that time of year again for military families...PCS season.  PCS (gotta love those military acronyms) does not actually mean what the official, government-sanctioned definition is: Permanent Change of Station.  

Oh, no.  It does not.  PCS can variably mean: "Permanent (or temporary) Collapse of Sanity;" "Please Come Soon (dear Lord);" and/or "Positive Chaos (reigns) Supreme."

That is what PCS means. Thank heavens we're not moving the summer.  (For my related blog posts on this topic, please read Moving With Pets and How To Move Your Outdoor Cat.)  

The cats are not fans of PCS'ing either, and my husband (who has an insanely creative engineering mind) has built many comfortable cat-homes in which we've moved our pets across the country and back. I thought y'all might enjoy a sampling of them.  Moving cats is kind of a challenge, but it's so much better than the alternative (ditching them at the local shelter...perhaps simpler for the owner, but devastating for the poor kitty).  

Here are a couple of the designs my husband's engineered for our gang.  Top row shows our move to Texas (in our camper), and the bottom row shows what we used from Texas to Virginia, when we didn't have the camper.  Four out of four cats agree: the camper was more comfortable, although we couldn't leave them in there while we were hauling it because it got super-hot inside while we were on the road.  They'd have died from the heat, and remember: never ever leave pets in campers that don't have the A/C hooked up and running!!

We put small disposable litter boxes in with the cats (I like this brand, which comes in several different sizes).  We gave them food and water morning and night, but didn't leave their food/water dishes in with them during the drive, since it made a mess.  The large dog crate shown is this 30-inch-long crate, which held up very well and collapses down later for easy storage.  We re-used it to help Punkin adjust to his new back yard (bottom right) and the metal crate divider was used horizontally to make a little shelf for him to hang out on.

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(Please click on any of the images below to enlarge and view as a slideshow)

From the top: Punkin in our camper (2013)--we converted the bunk bed section into cat houses by framing up doors with screening on them for air flow (the doors are held in place with stick-on velcro so we could take them off later); two more pictures of the cat-bunks in the camper; the gang at a rest stop on our way from Texas to Virginia in 2016 (we used a combination of a big dog crate and cat carriers, both of which had good air flow); the cats kickin' back at La Quinta; and finally Punkin, re-using the dog crate as he went through his adjustment period to his new backyard (thank you, Mom & Dad, for taking him!!  You're the best...I probably don't tell y'all that often enough).