Eau de Skunk

  Do I really smell that bad??

Do I really smell that bad??

Dear Readers,

With warm weather making appearances across the country, 'tis also the season for skunks.  Or it was when we were stationed with the military in Texas, anyway.  Our home backed up to a big field, and at the time we had a tantalizingly yummy compost pile next to our drought-tolerant hugelkultur garden.  I made the mistake of putting eggshells into the compost pile, which skunks (and other critters) are attracted to like a magnet. 

All you experienced dog owners know what comes next: dog meets skunk.  Dog barks at skunk.  Dog suddenly wishes fervently that it had never met skunk.  You too wish that dog had never met skunk.

The couple times this scenario was acted out (with high drama) in our backyard, we found a good solution that did not involve tomato juice or getting rid of the dog.  

Please click here to read my recipe (first published in July 2014) for skunk odor removal!  

Yours Truly,