Farmers Market Tour: Smithfield, VA

My garden gnome, Arthur , on a field trip.

My garden gnome, Arthur, on a field trip.

Dear Readers. 

If you've never visited the farmers market in Smithfield, VA, you're missing an apple-pie-slice of small-town Americana.  

Smithfield, whose claim to fame started with its famous Smithfield Hams, has not been a town to rest on its laurels--you can click here for more information about the wide range of festivals, markets and more that take place throughout the year.

Y'all, I'm telling you...the friendly folks of Smithfield are seriously among the nicest I've encountered in my 10 years of criss-crossing this great nation as a military wife. Be sure not to miss their Christmas market in December, when Main Street is closed to traffic and transforms into a charming Christmas shopping market.

Click here to read on about the Smithfield Farmers Market!

Yours Truly,