Food History Find: Comfortably Hungry

Dear Readers, 

I love all things British, and I was delighted to run across another food historian recently in the UK, Ms. Sam Bilton, who conjures up beautiful recipes with even more beautiful food photography online at   I'm looking forward to trying her recipes for Gold and Silver Cakes (for a proper British tea), Strawberry Meringue, and more.  She also has some fascinating book reviews, hooray!  Y'all know I'm a total bookworm. 

If you're in the UK, Ms. Bilton periodically hosts a sophisticated, historical-themed supper club.  Just love this we have any historical supper clubs here in the US?  Sounds like so much fun.  If not, we should start one.

Please check out sometime, especially for the gorgeous food photography and fascinating, historic British recipes.

Yours Truly,