Recipe: Decadent Triple-Chocolate Cheesecake

Note: the links in this post weren't working earlier in the week, I apologize!  I believe they're fixed now.  

Dear Readers, 

For someone who doesn't really have a sweet tooth, I have been baking a lot of desserts lately.  

This one is a real killer, too.  I feel kind of mean telling y'all about it.  My husband wooed me with this recipe, and a decade later we are still baking it together, so maybe that's the secret ingredient to a happy marriage.  If relationships were as easy as that, I'd say: bring on the high-fat chocolate desserts!  

The slice of chocolate heaven pictured here is not really how this recipe is supposed to look, so when I bake it the way it's meant to be done (in three layers), I'll add some more photos.  I was curious to see what would happen if we left the sugar out of the cream cheese filling entirely, and used 74% cacao baking chips instead of the 55% we'd been using.  

It basically turned out like very bitter fudge: hard as a rock until slightly warmed in the microwave, intense, but still good. Personally, I can't recommend making it that way, but it was an interesting experiment. We also forgot to bring the cream cheese up to room temperature, which is why the filling didn't blend completely, leaving little white specks throughout.  Didn't hurt the taste, though. 

Click here to view the recipe for Decadent Triple-Chocolate Cheesecake.

Yours Truly,