The Return of Freshly-Baked Bread

Dear Readers, 

I haven't baked bread at home in nearly a year...not sure how time got away from me!  Anyway, I've been re-tooling my recipe for Honey Whole Wheat Bread to make it more user-friendly.  I also added some little tidbits about the way my grandmother used to make bread...she never even had to consult her cookbook!  She baked the same recipe every week or so, and we never, ever got tired of it.

Today, I experimented with a new type of sprouted whole wheat flour and it turned out really well!  The flour is very dense (more so than other whole wheat varieties I've baked with), so the loaves probably needed to rise a little longer than I let them...what the heck, I was hungry!  The bread came out of the oven with this intense, nutty flavor that I absolutely love.  

Yours Truly,


  Nothing beats homemade bread

Nothing beats homemade bread