An Easy Weeknight Dinner

Dear Readers,

Sometimes, you just want some easy comfort food (that plays well with wine, right?).  This is my new favorite recipe, from French culinary genius Jacques Pépin: his Poulet à la Crème.  (I love Monsieur Pépin because he has such a wonderful zest for life!  Also, he has lots of wonderful cooking tutorials...don't bother with my recipes, just go try his.  They're much better.)  

Poulet à la Crème doesn't take long to make, about as long as it will take you to prepare pilaf or rice to go with it. Think of it as a French spin on that chicken & rice casserole your mother used to make growing up (you know, the one with several cans of cream-of-something soup).  You can use dried tarragon at the end, if you can't find it fresh (I've never actually seen fresh tarragon in the stores).

Creamy, satisfying, and delicious, this dish pairs well with a nice, crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a mellow Chardonnay.

Yours Truly,