Recipe: Red Lentil Dal

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It’s a beautiful day here in the Virginia Tidewater…the birds are singing in anticipation of spring, the sun is shining, and it’s supposed to get up to 75 degrees.  In February.  Not that I’m complaining! 

I wanted to share a new recipe with you, Red Lentil Dal, which is a warming, delicious dish that’s best served over rice and topped with sour cream. It’s a great weeknight dinner, and I love it because lentils are so economical.  Red lentils don’t even need to be soaked ahead of time, although you can if you want to.  The theory behind why we soak beans and lentils before cooking is explained in detail herebut the short answer is that soaking reduces their phytic acid content, a property found in beans (among other things) that makes it harder for our bodies to absorb key minerals such as iron. 

All that aside, lentils can still be part of a healthy dietand I cook with them at least once a week because they’re filling and economical.  There is a whole host of delicious Middle Eastern and Indian dishes centered around lentils, and these ethnic dishes are some of my favorites.


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P.S. My other lentil recipe on the site can be found here


  Red lentils.  Super-cute towel from  Studiopatró  was a gift from my sister! 

Red lentils.  Super-cute towel from Studiopatró was a gift from my sister!