Something Bright (and Funny)

Dear Readers,

I've been enjoying these adorable and completely irreverent Ann Taintor magnets...I've got a collection going on now on the fridge!  You can buy them here if you're interested.  I love the vintage feel, bright primary colors, and witty (or, one could say, naughty) phrases.

They make me laugh!


Yours Truly,





P.S. Please note: I am not a product representative for this item, and receive no benefits (monetary or otherwise) from sharing it on my site. As always, I am in no way affiliated with, and any products/brands I write about or link to are shared just because I like them enough to share with my readers.  Please try my recommendations at your own peril (or that of your wallet...).


  Cheerfully cheeky  Ann Taintor  magnet

Cheerfully cheeky Ann Taintor magnet