Cat Tales: Napping

Shaun, enjoying a nice afternoon nap

Shaun, enjoying a nice afternoon nap

Dear Readers,

We all know sleep is important, but few of us actually get enough of it. The Cleveland Clinic recently sent out an email newsletter reminding their readers to pay special attention to adequate sleep during the holidays.

Shaun, one of my rescue kitties, has been practicing the fine art of sleeping (and napping) for years. Cats sleep an average of 15 hours per daysince they're hardwired to be awake at night, hunting.

I don't know how much hunting my indoor gang does at night. I do hear them (loudly) killing their stuffed mice at two o'clock in the morning, but I suspect around here my cat family sleeps a lot at night, too.  

This could explain my cats' consistently calm, cheerful and playful demeanors.  If I slept for hours (and hours, and hours) a day (and night), I would be really chipper for the few hours of the day I was actually awake!   

Much has been written about the importance of sleep, but probably not enough about how to get said sleep without feeling guilty.  All those things you will have to let slide!  All those chores and laundry that will go unfinished until tomorrow!  Unfortunately our culture reinforces this, and we get sucked into bragging about who's "burning the midnight oil" the most. Ouch.  Wait.  Why is being exhausted a badge of honor?

My cats do not have any of these hangups, bless their sleepy little hearts.  

Moral of this Cat Tale: sleep, without guilt, whenever you feel like it.  Or take a refreshing little cat nap.  All that stuff can wait while you recharge!  If a cat can do it, so can you.

Yours Truly,