Recipe Archives: Red Lentil Dal

Dear Readers, 

I love this delicious Indian lentil soup recipe.  It may be stretching things a bit to say this easy-to-chew lentil dal saved my life a couple of years ago...but I can vouch for it if you, like me, ever run into serious dental problems (created, in my case, by an incredibly incompetent dentist) and chewing/smiling/talking become temporarily painful and problematic due to bite alignment issues.

Long, boring story there, and this yummy recipe came to my rescue (as did a stellar Pankey-trained dentist in Austin, Texas, who along with his dedicated staff spent much of 2015 patiently sorting my bite problems out--if y'all are reading this post, you are my heroes!!).  

This lentil dal is creamy, delicious, and nourishing, especially so if you have the time and inclination to make your own chicken stock to use in this dish.

Please click here for my recipe for Red Lentil Dal!  

(and please don't ever let a dentist "adjust your bite," in which the bite surfaces of your teeth are reshaped with a dental drill.  Many dentists, even well-meaning ones, still claim that this procedure will "painlessly" alleviate everything from migraines to teeth-grinding. They either don't know or are ignoring the fact that this "retooling" of the teeth can do huge amounts of damage to an otherwise healthy bite alignment (relationship of the upper teeth to the lower teeth/jaw), especially in patients who've had significant orthodontic work, like I did as a child...FYI.)

Yours Truly,