Mother Nature's Bluebonnet Festival

Hello Readers,

We've had week upon week of this gorgeous spring weather here in South Texas and Mother Nature has been putting on quite the show!  I wanted to share some of the gorgeous blooms of this Texas state flower that we discovered in one of our local parks over the weekend. Along with the bluebonnets, there were fireworks of red Texas Indian Paintbrush blooming as well.  

While I was up-close-and-personal taking pictures of these blooms, I discovered something new: they smell lovely!  How do I describe it...light, wafting and fresh, with hints of freesia.  Simply delicious!

Bluebonnets were a particular favorite of my dearly-loved and always-wise (and darn good cook) Mimi, who passed away in 2012 but left me with a lifetime of sweet memories.  So this photo gallery is lovingly dedicated to her memory.


"The earth laughs in flowers"  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Best of luck always,



P.S.  A HUGE thank-you is in order to Rory of The Grovestead, who shared his insights into watermarking photos via PhotoBulk for Mac.  Thank you, thank you! Saved me hours of time and effort.  I am *not* a programmer by any stretch and this nifty tool was just what I needed. Hours of aggravation struggling with computer? Nixed. Yee Haw.