How To: Cook Dry Beans (The Easy Way)


Hello Readers,

Have you ever tried cooking up a batch of dry beans on the stovetop, only to discover (hours later) that they're STILL crunchy?  When you're in a hurry to get dinner on the table, canned beans definitely have their place (I favor the BPA-free cans from Eden Foods...great name, huh??). But I digress.  Here's a reasonably foolproof way to whip up beans from scratch, with the help of a nifty pressure cooker. It'll save you a lot of money since organic dry beans come in bulk and are SUPER cheap! Yay!!

Cooked beans are great in chili, over rice, as hummus (in the case of garbanzo beans), over nachos, in enchiladas, in soup, and more!  Sky's the limit.


Best of luck always,