How To: Bake Acorn Squash

Dear Readers,

I love acorn squash, but the thing I don't love (and this is the case with any type of squash) is that hard old rind.  Seriously.  Winter squash are an amazing source of all kinds of good stuff, and yet when I buy them, they tend to take on an ornamental role upon my countertop. 

Recently I discovered that if you poke 'em full of holes and pre-bake for 30 minutes, it softens the rind to the point where it's easy to slice the squash open, then continue with the baking process. No sliced fingers or trips to the Emergency Room required! Click here for the directions and more photos.  

The other reason I really love winter squash is that they are cheap, even the organic varieties. The very best acorn squash I've ever tasted came straight off a farm outside of Portland, Oregon--it was like candy!  The flavor and texture can vary, though, so try this recipe a couple of times on different squash from different sources before you make a judgement on whether or not acorn squash are for you. Some can be tasteless and stringy, so it's not you, it's the squash.

Baked acorn squash are delicious topped with butter, maple syrup, honey, pecans, and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.  Anything you'd put in a pumpkin pie will go with these squash.  

Yours Truly,


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