Green Eggs (Hold The Ham)

Hello Readers,

I wanted to show you what happens when you overcook hard-boiled eggs.  As you know from my recipe, variations on this theme already included Cracked-Boiled Eggs (when you bring the eggs to SUCH a vigorous boil that they bang into each other and crack.) I am calling this new variation "Green-Boiled Eggs" in honor of Dr. Seuss and his Green Eggs And Ham.  

While Sam-I-Am would have loved these, you and your family may not. They actually don't taste that different from hard-boiled eggs, despite the color.  The greenish hue is caused by a reaction between the sulfur in the egg white, and iron in the yolk.  All good things until they start reacting (brought on by overcooking, in this case.) This was the result of bringing the eggs to a boil, then letting them sit for about 15 minutes while I got sidetracked with something else.  Surely this never happens to you!

Good news is: no need to pitch out half a dozen eggs due to the funky color inside. Who knows?  Maybe Green-Boiled Eggs will become a new favorite.  

Best of luck always,


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