How To: Make Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hello Readers,

Over Christmas, I watched Christmas in Connecticut (1945), which is my new favorite food-writer movie.  Poor Elizabeth Lane (Barbara Stanwyck) needs a recipe to boil water, and her food writing is propped up by the creative genius of her Uncle Felix, a chef (I need one, please! Where's my Uncle Felix?)

Then disaster strikes--her boss at the magazine invites a young sailor home on leave for the holidays out to her farm in Connecticut...which she doesn't have, of course, any more than she has cooking talent.  Chaos ensues. Barbara Stanwyck shines.   

I think even Elizabeth Lane could have managed these simple hard-boiled eggs, however.  The main trick is to remove the eggs from the heat immediately after they come to a nice don't walk away and multitask, now.  To get started on your next easy workweek-morning breakfast, click here!  

Best of luck always,


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