Beautiful Woodworking

  Hubby (right) talking with Mr. Earl Harrison, a local craftsman

Hubby (right) talking with Mr. Earl Harrison, a local craftsman

Dear Readers, 

Long time, no see.  Yes I'm still here, sorry for that stretch of moving-related silence. 

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We were at the Smithfield Farmer's Market the other day and found these gorgeous wooden bowls, cutting boards, etc...the craftsmanship is just beautiful.  The genius behind it all is Mr. Earl Harrison, who owns Handcrafting with Wood in Suffolk, VA.  Mr. Harrison is incredibly talented in the art of woodworking, as you can see from the gallery of his recent offerings, below.  He uses traditional hand tools, which is really becoming a lost art.  Mr. Harrison can be reached by phone at (757) 986-2629, and is a regular vendor at the Smithfield Farmer's Market.  He often uses reclaimed wood from lumber mills, as well as downed trees from hurricanes to craft gorgeous pieces.  His prices range from $15-$90 USD.  Have a look!

Yours Truly,