Resources: Our Favorite Seed Companies

It's that time of year again...hooray!

It's that time of year again...hooray!

Hello Readers,

We've been out in the garden, picking winter lettuce and getting spring seedlings started! Spring is such a magical time, and our favorite seed companies are the fairy godmothers that make it all possible.  This year's catalogs are absolutely gorgeous...check 'em out for yourself!

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Mansfield, MO

These folks have a great sense of humor!   Their 2015 catalog is full of mugshots of their staff, posing with everything from pet ducks to gourds to a wide-eyed plastic owl.  Absolutely a hoot (no pun intended!)  Along with all the work they do raising and hunting down exotic seed varieties, they also keep up the garden at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Home & Museum.  They also have locations in Petaluma, CA and Wethersfield, CT.  Their 2015 seed catalog is a work of art.  Photos, planting instructions, history of the seeds, and more!  All their seeds are non-hybrid, non-GMO, non-treated, and non-patented. Lots of heirloom varieties to choose from.


High Mowing Organic Seeds
Wolcott, VT

Three cheers for free shipping!  High Mowing just recently started offering free shipping, no minimum order amount required.  They carry organic, heirloom, and non-GMO certified seeds (they’re the first seed company to offer non-GMO certified products!)  They also have a Community Supported Seed Share Program each year, which is like a CSA for your garden seeds!  Signing up for this lets you save an additional 10% off.  Their 2015 catalog is full of beautiful photos, especially the shots of the farmers who work so hard to raise the seeds!  There’s a handy planting chart in the back, so you can tear it out and use it for future reference (we did!)


Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Mineral, VA

Their 2015 catalog has the most whimsical cover—guaranteed to brighten up your day when it arrives in your mailbox!  Southern Exposure specializes in seeds suitable for the southeast growing region, and in heirloom (which they define as pre-1940 varieties) and organic seeds.  Their catalog is full of useful planting information.


Renee’s Garden (online only)
Felton, CA

We love the colorful artwork on the Renee’s Garden seed packets!  They don’t offer a print catalog, but they do have an extensive online catalog as well as monthly newsletters you can sign up for at their website.  They specialize in non-GMO, organic seeds.  Their website is chock-full of wonderful resources about starting your own seeds, gardening, and more!  


Territorial Seed Company
Cottage Grove, OR

This Pacific Northwest seed company specializes in organic and non-GMO seeds, and their 2015 catalog is sprinkled liberally with planting and growing information, fun books, and gorgeous flowers!  The back section is full of garden supplies, gear and more.


Seed Savers Exchange
Decorah, IA

Check out their beautifully photographed 2015 catalog!  Seed Savers Exchange carries heirloom, untreated, organic, non-hybrid and non-GMO seed varieties.  They are currently offering free shipping on online orders of $40 or more. Their catalog offers 40 beautiful varieties of heritage apples, loads of seeds to choose from, instructions for how to do your own seed-saving at home, and more!  There’s a handy planting and seed-saving guide in the back of the catalog.


Botanical Interests
Broomfield, CO

The beautiful artwork is the real reason we love Botanical Interests so much (secret’s out!)  They’re celebrating 20 years of selling organic, heirloom, non-GMO and un-treated seeds in artistic packets we're tempted to frame.  Their 2015 catalog is full of even more lovely art, seeds to choose from (especially heirloom flowers), recipes, and more!  Through March 31, 2015 they’re offering free standard shipping on online orders over $60.  


Hope you find these lovely catalogs as inspiring as we did!  There are many, many more fantastic seed companies out there...these are just a few to get you started.  There's nothing like flipping through catalogs full of beautiful garden photography and artwork to get you inspired to create your own gorgeous garden in 2015!   

Yours Truly,