Pancakes For Breakfast

Hello Readers,

Something about buttermilk pancakes just hasn't been playing nice, at least not in our kitchen. Our buttermilk pancake recipe hasn't been turning out consistently good results, so we nixed it from our online collection...however, we'd like to recommend a different one!  It's from the Silk website (maker of almond and soy milks), and calls for a delicious mixture of almond milk and honey.  The pancakes we've made from this recipe have turned out consistently golden, puffy and crowd-pleasing, without a whole heck of a lot of effort (or dirty dishes).

To get the recipe you can click here.  We use 100% whole wheat flour when making this recipe, and sweeten with honey.  We've made these pancakes with both unsweetened almond milk and vanilla almond milk, and both times they've turned out just fine.  If you're cooking for a crowd, we'd recommend investing in a decent electric griddle, which will let you make more pancakes at a time and give you a more consistent heat surface to work with.  Otherwise, Lodge makes some wonderful cast iron skillets that will help evenly distribute the heat, even from a cranky electric coil!

Best of luck always,


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