How-To: Eat Kohlrabi

   (How do you say that, again?  Click here to find out )

(How do you say that, again? Click here to find out)

Dear Readers,

Kohlrabi (a German word meaning, literally, "cabbage turnip") is a bulbous, alien-looking but good-tasting member of the Brassica family.  It's fairly easy to prepare and has a nice mellow flavor that belies its strange appearance!  We've seen it cropping up at our local farmer's market recently, so at least here in central Texas it's not too difficult to find this time of year.  The round, bulb-like stem is a good source of vitamin C, and the leafy green tops are rich in vitamin A, among other nutrients.  We didn't experiment with the kohlrabi greens this time, but you can prepare them in a similar manner to turnip greens.  We peeled the stem, diced it up and tossed it in chicken soup. Once simmered in soup, the kohlrabi took on a delicious, fresh flavor that really added to the recipe. Plus, it didn't get mushy once cooked down, as turnips can do in soups.  

Try'll like it!  You can view our gallery on how to prepare kohlrabi here.

Yours Truly,


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