How-To: Eat Grapefruit

Hello Readers,

Here in Texas, grapefruit are at the peak of their season and they are delicious!  Sugar-sweet, with just a hint of the tartness typically associated with grapefruits.  The one pictured above is a Rio Star (you can watch a short video about how they grow here).  Red grapefruit is the official fruit of Texas!  Eating just 1/2 of a grapefruit provides nearly 60% of your vitamin C intake for the day, perfect for warding off colds and flu.  Plus, that gorgeous coral color just perks you right up on a bleak winter day!  Somehow nature provides precisely what our bodies need at exactly the time we're most susceptible to winter blues and illness.  

For more information on how to prepare and eat this treat, see our Grapefruit Primer.  

Best of luck always,


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