The Holidaze: Giving Thanks

 Saw this in a McMinnville, OR church window--love!

Saw this in a McMinnville, OR church window--love!

Hello Readers,

In our neck of the woods school is out, traffic is snarled, and Christmas trees are up for sale. Thanksgiving must be right around the corner.  The one and only year we tried our hand at roasting turkey was an unmitigated disaster*, so we will direct you to the experts at The Kitchn for any and all turkey questions:  

Turkey-Buying Guide

Time to Thaw that Turkey

How To Cook A Turkey

How to Take Your Turkey's Temperature

30 Essential Thanksgiving Recipes

Side-Dish-Only Thanksgiving (this, we could do.)

8 Smart Ways to Enjoy a Thanksgiving for Just Two

6 Ways to Host Thanksgiving When You're on a Budget (our tip: talk your way out of it)

And then, of course, there's pie, as if wrangling the turkey wasn't bad enough.  Once again, some of our very favorite cooking experts to the rescue...

Classic Pumpkin Pie

Ginger Pumpkin Pie

Classic Double-Crust Apple Pie

Old-Fashioned Pecan Pie

Pie Recipe Roundup from Simply Recipes 

How to Freeze Unbaked Pies

Pie Mistakes to Avoid

Preventing Soggy Pie Crusts

Now are you hungry from perusing those mouth-watering recipes, or what??

For our readers here in the US, if you plan to travel this Thanksgiving season so are 41 million other Americans (by car) and 3.5 million more (by air.)  Or so AAA projects.  Also keep an eye on the icky weather forecast for the East Coast this week.  We do not plan to travel.  We routinely boycott holiday travel, in favor of mental health.  Our far-flung relatives have stopped expecting to see us at their holiday soirees by this point.  FaceTime is a beautiful thing...although eating dinner in front of an iPad may not hold quite the appeal that eating turkey together around Grandma's table does...

So whether or not you roast that turkey, whip that pie into shape, or head over the river and through the woods to reunite with loved ones for Thanksgiving, we hope you have a wonderful holiday!  If you do plan to drive, check out this great winter driving checklist. We are thankful for YOU, our readers, and for all the blessings of this special season!  

Best of luck always,


*We have undying respect for those cooks out there who make Thanksgiving look so easy. Please note: we would like to be invited over some time.  We are excellent, appreciative diners. We also do dishes!

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