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Hello and welcome!  I'm Sarah Edens, food historian and blogger. I graduated with a degree in history from a Southern university, and in 2014, I paired that training with my lifelong love of cooking and gardening to found this site.  While I am a trained historian, my area of interest is folklore: I enjoy exploring the stories and colorful characters of the past through old cookbooks (I try to go back at least 100+ years, if possible, to capture somewhat pre-industrial food traditions), my family's recipes and tall tales, and more. I also explore the Native American food and folklore handed down from my distant Cherokee ancestors on this site (I'm 6th generation Cherokee).  

For my new readers, here's a quick overview of Four Cats In The Kitchen:


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I publish new recipes, cookbook/food writing reviews, food history research, farm tours, and more here on the blog.  


This is a drop-down menu of recipes old & new that I like to make, many of which are inspired by my family's cultural traditions, as well as by out-of-print cookbooks. I try to keep these recipes simple, and they are geared towards the beginning cook. The Basics tab is a little collection of how-to's to help you with essential kitchen tasks. Epic Kitchen Fails is where I discuss things gone very, very wrong in the kitchen.  Household Remedies is for old-fashioned fun.

Kitchen Garden

Up through World War II, most families in the US had a small backyard garden, or kitchen garden.  This section initially focused on our gardens in South Texas (USDA Zone 8b) but as of summer 2016, the military has moved my husband to the Virginia Tidewater, and we don't have a yard here, so we're experimenting with container gardening on the patio (as in two pots of fall mums).  

Farm Tours

This section houses our farm tours (historic & modern, as well as noteworthy gardens), tours of farmers markets we've shopped at, and resources for learning more about food systems & policy, for those who are interested.

Food History & More

Here you can find an explanation of what food history is, plus links to my recent food history projects under Food History Research.  I'm collecting resources I find on the preservation of Cherokee food and folklore under the tab The Cherokee (in our language, the tribe is called Tsalagi, or in the unique Cherokee syllabary, ᏣᎳᎩ).  For a list of cookbooks, food writers, and more that I've found inspirational, please check out From My Library.  Occasionally, I write about my  experiences with military life, which you can find under Notes From A Military Spouse (I get asked where I'm from quite often...after a decade of being stationed from California to Alabama and many bases in between, I'm a proud Texpat, y'all!).  Finally, you can find answers to FAQs.  


Four Cats In The Kitchen is my personal, not-for-profit site.  I am not a representative of any brand or product line, so anything I recommend on this site is here because I enjoy using it. I often include product links to items on, but I am never reimbursed for these.  I am not affiliated with, or with any other company, brand, product, or individual.

All the photography on this website is mine (unless otherwise noted). Please email me if you'd like to use any of the photos on this site, rather than copying them for personal/educational use.  My address is: fourcatsinthekitchen [at] gmail [dot] com.  To read my Terms and Conditions, including guidelines for sharing my recipes elsewhere, click here.  

Again, welcome!  We are delighted to have you with us.  

Yours Truly,

Sarah Edens
Food Historian & Blogger

the four CATS in the kitchen

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