On The Appropriate Eats & Drinks for a Nasty Shock

Maybe...but I'd take smoother seas at the moment, thank you very much

Maybe...but I'd take smoother seas at the moment, thank you very much


Hello Readers,

I’m a huge lover of classic British authors such as the great and prolific Agatha Christie and the more contemporary and prolific Rhys Bowen.  Their wonderful novels usually involve nasty shocks—not like my recent car crash, but murder—and things like brandy and tea being appropriately administered to the ladies present.

So having had a nasty shock myself, I spent the next 24 hours after the crash sort of feeling my way through what sounded good to eat & drink (and what didn’t.)  In keeping with good British tradition I gave tea a chance, opting for Yogi Peppermint as it wasn’t caffeinated.  This went down well (as this article also points out.) Hot chocolate was also a hit.  In addition I’d just happened to buy some delicious Cadbury Digestives in the international aisle at Wegman’s.  Also went down well (I mean, how can you go wrong with chocolate and carbs, right?)  Lamb pasta?  Not so much. I think more along the lines of comfort food: mac n’ cheese, please. 

I didn’t have any brandy on hand, nor did the EMTs offer me any at the scene of the crash (they didn’t have tea, either.) Possibly this was a good thing, as this National Institute of Health paper points out that "medicinal brandy," or any kind of alcohol, is the exact wrong thing to give someone suffering from shock (doctors eventually figured this out in the early 20th century.)  Plus it doesn’t exactly speed up your recovery, either.  When it comes to treating trauma-type shock from a car crash or other incident, Mayo Clinic has a decent quick guide.  For coping with what’s called emotional trauma, this is a wonderful guide

I think even a minor car crash leaves one with a bit of both kinds of shock.  Obviously, consult your primary care physician after a crash and make sure not to self-diagnose (and doesn't the wonderful world of Google make it tempting to do just that??) 

Keep Calm & Carry On,



On The Pursuit of the Perfect Filet Mignon (involving a cop and an ambulance)

Hello Readers,

Sometimes I question my priorities.  I really do.  Whoever said "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good" was right.

So today we were hungry for filet mignon and off we went to Wegman's to hunt it down. They had many decent cuts of meat, but not a filet mignon in sight.* Hubby was particularly looking for bacon-wrapped filet mignon and I'd found this charming local butcher shop (above) with local meat.  Ergo, letting perfect be the enemy of the good, we drove over to another town to get this local, grass-fed, humanely-raised hunk of cow.  

And were promptly rear-ended in front of the butcher shop. We were stopping for a nice old lady in the crosswalk who'd just been to the bakery to buy the locally-famous peach pie, so there you go: no good deed goes unpunished.

Now, if you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that the past month involved several visits from the fire department. Well: now we've filled out our dance card with a cop and an ambulance. Enough 911 calls for one summer, do you think??

Luckily, the old lady escaped unscathed with her pie, and everyone walked away from the fender-bender which is always the goal with a car crash.  Check back in 24-36 hours and we'll see how we're doing, but bottom line is; we were lucky.  Our super-safe Mazda is a champ!  My wonderful parents drove out to make sure we were okay (and to pick up the freakin' filet mignon. Yes, even with the shock we somehow remembered it.)

Total filet mignon tunnel vision did not end well today.  When rotten things happen to interrupt our regularly-scheduled programming, Hubby and I like to sort of pause and ponder.  Bad luck?  The Evil Eye? Divine Punishment? Sheer stupidity?  I mean really, who knows, right?  Over a nice cuppa tea we mulled over what, if anything, could be learned from this event.  Here's what we decided:

a) don't drive through small towns on Friday night...even they have rush hour. And old ladies. Hopefully not at the same time.

b) carry auto insurance.

c) stop for old ladies in crosswalks (alternative: run old lady over and spend rest of life in prison for manslaughter. However, orange doesn't look good on me. And I hear the food isn't good, either.)

d) eating local/humanely-raised/grass-fed/grass-finished/etc. etc. is fantastic and ethical and socially responsible...but it's okay to eat what's handy when the need arises.

e) don't be a perfectionist: good enough is good enough.  Change the menu plan as-needed, and save your car from body work.


Good luck (I always mean that sincerely!) & thanks for reading,



*Note: they had a tenderloin which is functionally the same cut of meat.  Duh.




On Grilling Chicken

Hello Readers,

If there's one skill a gal should have, it's manning the grill. Hey, not to steal that honor from the boys, but the military tends to borrow my Hubby for 6-month increments (we don't say that awful "D" word in our household!) and I do like the occasional burger while he's away.  

Even easier than burgers is grilled chicken. Almost no-fuss, and it makes more interesting leftovers than burgers do.  Rosemary infuses it with a nice tangy zing and adds some zest to your next chicken salad.  

Click here to get grillin'! 

Good luck & thanks for reading,