Turkey Day Menu Planning

Most years, I come up with a glorious menu for Thanksgiving.

Then Life happens.  Of course it's not MY fault that it does, but then the fall-back plan is often something lackluster and everyone mopes around on Turkey Day, smelling the good smells wafting over from the neighbor's kitchen and feeling deprived.

Hopefully this hasn't happened to you.

Here's my go at what I will attempt to serve this year, barring a Natural Disaster. If you really want holiday dinner "insurance," I'd highly recommend going out to eat, or getting the feast catered in.  Whole Foods does a decent Thanksgiving dinner, which we took advantage of one year.  The meal was fine, but on the flip side you do pay more to have someone else do all cooking.  Some years it's worth it!  Plus they have real chefs at restaurants, many of whom cook better than most of us can ever hope to...

My 2015 Turkey Day Menu

Turkey Roulade (I pretty much follow this recipe from Good Housekeeping exactly and it turns out great every year.  Roulade is apparently the IT THING in turkey prep this year, so there you go.)

Giblet Gravy from Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes (I've never cooked with the "innards" before...a sure sign I'm getting braver in the kitchen??!!)

Mashed Potatoes from NYTimes Food writer Julia Moskin (The NYT has a great how-to guide for all your Thanksgiving needs here)

Cauliflower Gratin from Eating Well (will probably modify this some since I don't have all the ingredients it calls for)

My Grandma Annie's Cranberry-Apple Casserole, which I need to put the recipe for on the website once I get some photos.  A holiday staple in my family, and much simpler than pie if you're short on time and crust-making skills, like I am!

And don't forget to tune in to the 89th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

To all my loyal readers, who have thankfully CONTINUED to read this blog despite a lag in new content from the author (ahem!), here's to a lovely Thanksgiving!  I hope that whatever your Turkey Day brings, you are in the company of friends and loved ones, and that your table is a place of comfort and joy no matter what's being served!

Isn't that what it's all about?